Kris Waters. Once upon a time in Moston

Мягкая обложка
Год издания: 2017
60х90/16, 272 стр.
250 грн.

Кратко о книге
This book has been a slow train coming. I started it in 2003. It was a project that was put on hold many times due to various circumstances, mainly the lack of motivation and inspiration. But by the end of the noughties I forced myself to sit in the kitchen and bang away at my laptop. Sometime in 2013, I had finished my life story and clicked save on my keyboard. I got in touch with a friend’s ex wife who agreed to proof read it and edit for free. I pinged over my memoirs and waited in anticipation of her to breath fire into my words. Three years on and I was still waiting. At a dear friend’s funeral wake, I asked how the proofreading was coming along, she just shrugged and told me that her computer was broken. So that was that. I checked the rates of proofreading/copywriting/editing and it was far too much for me to shell out for a book that was destined never to be published. So my book stayed on a backburner, while I happily procrastinated my life away. By 2016 I had lost all hope for my labour of love to ever getting proofread and to maybe getting published online. But then a Ukrainian book publishers (Ptah), called Mila, Danila & Sergei came and stayed with me. I first met them in 2008 when I was ‘Couchsurfing’ (a website set up for travellers to stay for free with locals) in Kiev. I only stayed one night but I mentioned that I had wrote a book. The only person they knew that had wrote a book in English was me and they wanted to publish it... How mad is that? I now had to pull my finger out and get my book proof read. I asked in various online groups for help and received sarcasm, over inflated quotes and belligerence. Then when all seem lost I got assistance for the person sat next to me in my day job: Derek-Delboy-Jibson. I have only worked with Jibbers for about 6 months and knew little about him, besides that he enjoyed making model German Tanks. He let slip one day that he used to write short stories about animals that talk. My ears pricked up and I told him about book and problems I had in finding a proofreader. He volunteered to do it for free. God bless you Del. I wrote this book to leave a legacy for future generations of the Waters clan and to leave my mark of the world. I think at my funeral it would be a nice if copies of the book were left on seats rather than prayer books. Some of the names of my friends and enemies have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent. Of course we are all friends on Facebook now so please, if you don't like what I wrote about you, just delete me, rather than beat me up. If you read this and think that you have lived a better/more interesting life than me then go write your own frigging book!